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Home Care Salary & Benefits Report

2021 update

Here in Florida, we have our share of challenges, but many smart folks in our industry are saying that the greatest challenge will be the recruiting and retaining of high-quality staff within our organizations. HCAF can help your agency navigate this undeniable challenge!

For many years HCAF has been conducting a compensation and fringe benefit survey of the home care industry in Florida. It is the only survey that focuses exclusively on wage and benefits data for Florida home care providers. We want to continue to help providers understand how agencies around the state are compensating their employees so they can remain competitive.

Please note that we have two versions of our Excel questionnaire, one for Certified agencies and a simplified version for those that are strictly Private Duty.

Similar to last year, we are requesting the number of licensed locations in each region that your data represents. If your pay rates or benefits vary by region, we would love to receive separate questionnaires for each of your regions. If the same rates and benefits apply to multiple locations and districts, we would like to know how many your survey represents for more accurate calculations of weighted averages.

To adhere to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust laws and still turn this report around in a timely fashion, please report all data as to what rates your agency was paying and the benefits it was providing as of June 30, 2021. It is critical that you DO NOT report any data that is more current than June 30, 2021.

By collecting and reporting the survey electronically, we save printing, postage, and data entry costs while also being less wasteful. It is our hope that you will find it to be a convenient and efficient process for storing and reviewing the report.

As always, participation is open to all home care providers in Florida, regardless of HCAF membership, so please spread the word!


Why Participate?

There are important advantages to participating, both personal and organizational:

  • Participants that submit a complete questionnaire will receive a complimentary copy of the final report! HCAF members who do not submit a survey seeking a copy can purchase one for $250. Prospective members will need to pay $350.
  • The more participation, the more accurate the findings. If we do not receive enough completed surveys, the report will not accurately reflect the market.
  • If enough responses from agencies operating in a particular Florida health care region are received, a region-specific report will be created in addition to the statewide findings.

How to Participate

Download the Excel file below that is applicable to your agency's license type. Click here to access job description definitions as you prepare your survey submission. Once it is completed, please send it to Monica Smith, Deputy Director, at

If you participated in last year's survey, you should have already received a pre-filled survey this morning in this year's format. If you have not received it but think you should have, please contact Adara Sloane at

The deadline to submit the survey is Labor Day, September 6, 2021.