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Membership Policies

HCAF's bylaws outline the types of membership and eligibility requirements for each member type. More explanation is provided below to determine if your organization is eligible to become a member. For more information, send us a message or call (850) 222-8967.


The golden rule is that separate Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) licensure requires separate HCAF membership.

This means that if XYZ Agency located in Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) joins, the XYZ Agency located in West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County) must have its own membership and join separately to be considered members. If XYZ Agency in Fort Lauderdale has a separate drop-off or satellite location within the same county (Broward County, in this example), all staff members from these locations would be considered members since they all share the same AHCA license.

According to Florida law, licenses are issued on a countywide basis:

400.464, F.S.: Home health agencies to be licensed;—(2) If the licensed home health agency operates related offices, each related office outside the county where the main office is located must be separately licensed.

Sharing of HCAF information between a member and a prospective member agency is prohibited.

Management Companies

A management company is eligible for Associate membership. Associate members are asked not to share HCAF information with any prospective member agencies they manage. They are encouraged to join all the provider agencies they manage before becoming an Associate member.

Corporations/Corporate Membership

A corporate office can only be considered a member once membership is received from all the affiliated agencies. It is best to consider the corporate membership category. If you take advantage of special pricing through our corporate rates, you must join all the licensed offices within your organization.

Branch Locations

Employees who continually travel to different offices, such as branch managers, should join all affiliated offices if possible. HCAF will consider this person a member through a single office membership, but ask that they not disseminate HCAF materials to the prospective member locations.

Prospective Members

Prospective members may participate in most HCAF events but are subject to a separate fee schedule (typically 50% more than the member rate). Prospective members signing up for events and submitting payment at the member rate are expected to pay the difference and are invoiced accordingly.

Providers Pending Licensure

If your agency is awaiting licensure approval by AHCA, you may still join HCAF. On your membership application, indicate “licensure pending”. It will be updated once you obtain your license number.


HCAF membership dues are among the lowest in the nation so all licensed home care providers have the opportunity to be a members, which means that we depend on every organization’s support. Help us avoid a fee hike by joining all of your licensed offices.