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Code of Ethics

The Home Care Association of Florida (HCAF, formerly Associated Home Health Industries of Florida, Inc.) was founded by members who encouraged the development and delivery of high-quality, fairly priced home health services throughout Florida. In the process of meeting this goal, the association, and its membership, seek to establish and retain the highest possible level of public confidence. With this in mind, the Board of Directors has adopted this Code of Ethics to govern the conduct of business by the association and its members. The standards set forth in the code serve as a statement to the public and to governmental agencies that the association and its individual members stand for integrity and strive to maintain the highest ethical standards.

The Code of Ethics is intended to inform members and the public of the acceptable guidelines of ethical conduct for home health agencies. It is a condition of participation in the association that members abide by the Code of Ethics or risk expulsion. The Code of Ethics adopted by the Board of Directors of HCAF consists of the following principles:

  • Members will assure that the patient/client receives appropriate quality care. Each patient/client is to be treated with courtesy, respect, and regard for privacy. Patients/clients have the right to be informed concerning their care and have the right to participate in planning the care they receive.
  • Members shall be responsible for developing, adopting, and observing patient/client rights and responsibilities in a manner necessary to establish and maintain lawful and effective patient/client care and satisfaction.
  • Members will ensure quality by complying with accepted standards of professional practice.
  • Members will place the well-being of the patient/client above individual member gains. In this regard, members shall collaborate to assure comprehensive services to patients/clients and will honestly and conscientiously cooperate to assure the patient/client's best interest.
  • Members shall refrain from inducing or coercing employees, physicians, other health care providers, or businesses in an effort to refer patients/clients to the member for the provision of health care services or goods.
  • Members shall refrain from inducing, persuading, or coercing a patient/client to change home care providers.
  • Members will provide human resource management to ensure qualified staff.
  • Members will provide human resource management and supervision to ensure qualified staff renders competent and comprehensive patient/client care.
  • Members will conduct business in accordance with fair business practices and accepted industry and regulatory standards/guidelines.
  • Members will issue oral and written statements or bills to the public, patient/clients, and other health care providers honestly and accurately represent the value of goods and services rendered.
  • Members will promote home health services in a manner that demonstrates a positive image of the industry.
  • Members shall abide by all applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.
  • Medicare- and/or Medicaid-certified home health agency members will comply with federal guidelines prohibiting fraudulent and abusive practices.
  • Members shall not engage in fraud or abuse, as defined in the HCAF policy on member self-regulation. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, "kickbacks" and "payoffs". Members will abide by and promote the association's mission in a positive and ethical manner.