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Home Care Political Action Committee

In politics, money talks, and the Home Care Political Action Committee (PAC) gives us a voice. When home care professionals speak through the Home Care PAC, Tallahassee listens. And the more money the PAC raises, the louder we speak!

The Home Care PAC isn't Republican, it's isn't Democrat, it doesn't represent the independent voter, and it doesn't buy votes. It is simply the collective voice – and sometimes the only voice – fighting for Florida's home care industry in Tallahassee. Without the PAC, your voice in Tallahassee falls silent.

Contributions are voluntary and do not come from HCAF membership dues. Your contribution gives a voice to the patients who need you!

What is a PAC?

Political Action Committees, have been around since 1944 when the Congress of Industrial Organizations formed the first one to raise money for the reelection of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. PACs represent business, labor, or ideological interests, and exist to raise and spend money to elect and defeat candidates.

PAC funding must come from voluntary contributions from members. PACs may give to a candidate committee per election (primary, general, run-off, or special elections). They may also give to any national party committee and annually to any other PAC. PACs may receive contributions from any one individual. In short, PACs merely represent a legal way for individuals to unite and ensure their voices are heard at all levels of government.


The objectives of the PAC are:

  • To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating home health agencies and others to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs;
  • To encourage home health agencies and others to understand the nature and actions of the government, as to important political issues, and as to the records of office holders and candidates for elective office at all levels of government;
  • To assist home health agencies and others in organizing themselves for more effective political action and in carrying out their civil responsibilities; and,
  • To support candidates for election to public office at the local and state levels who share the views of home care providers on issues important to the home care industry.

Click here to access the PAC bylaws.  


Click here to make an online contribution to the Home Care PAC. In the comments field on the online form, please tell us whether the contribution is a personal contribution from your or from your company/organization. To make a contribution by mail, click here to download and print the contribution form.

Contribution Levels

  • Champion Club: Over $10,000.01
  • Activist Club: $5,000.01-$10,000
  • Advocate Club: $2,500.01-$5,000
  • Partner Club: $500.01-$2,500
  • Supporter Club: $100-$500
  • Grassroots Club: Up to $99.99

Request PAC Support

To be considered for PAC funds, you must be a candidate for a state-level office (Governor/Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, State Legislature) in Florida. By law, federal-level candidates cannot receive PAC funds. Candidates seeking PAC support must contact Kyle Simon at All requests will be reviewed by the PAC Board of directors for a final decision.

PAC Board of Directors

  • Teresa Ragland, HHC, Inc.
  • Scott Lara, Welcome Homecare
  • Bobby Lolley, Home Care Association of Florida
  • Kyle Simon, Home Care Association of Florida
  • Monica Smith, Home Care Association of Florida

Associate Members