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Remembering Terri Santangelo

Terri Santangelo is the namesake of the Terri Santangelo Outstanding Leader Award, an honor presented annually at the Excellence in Home Care Awards to recognize her unwavering commitment to the home care industry and HCAF.

Terri was a true unsung hero in home care — she didn't just work in the field, she embodied it. Over her 26-year career, Terri served on the HCAF Board of Directors and was elected president in 2012. Her passing on May 16, 2013, left a void in the hearts of her family, friends, and colleagues. Her husband Matt aptly described her as having an enormously big heart that gave endlessly to others, even though it couldn't give any more in her final moment.

Throughout her career in South Florida, Terri served as Vice President of Clinical Operations at FirstLantic Healthcare and was an active member of the Association of Coders.

Terri's legacy continues to inspire us all. As we carry on her example, working with both hands and hearts, we deeply feel her absence as a friend, colleague, and leader.

Terri Santangelo