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Sponsorship Opportunities

HCAF offers vendors a multitude of ways for Florida home care agencies and vendors to the industry to promote products and services through advertising and sponsorship.

Sponsorship helps to support our biannual District Meetings, year-round education workshops, twice-per-year advocacy days, as well as various meeting giveaway items, meals, and receptions.

For advertising opportunities, click here.

The Annual Conference and Trade Show is Florida's biggest home care industry event of the year! With approximately 600 attendees (on average) each year, we need your help to make it as successful as possible. Our goal is to offer your company a wide range of opportunities to create positive exposure that reinforces awareness of your products and services within Florida’s home care industry.

Our sponsorship program is designed to help you and your organization seek ways to reinforce your position as a market leader in exchange for helping to defray some of our extensive conference costs.

Sponsorship fees range from $100 to $10,000, and there's something for every budget! Sponsors contributing $5,000 or more will receive a complimentary booth at our Trade Show (as space permits). We are willing to work with each sponsor on a case-by-case basis in order to find a perfect match between your marketing objectives and our conference expenses.

For more information, contact Monica Smith, Deputy Director, at or (850) 566-6999.

The typical cost for sponsoring an education workshop is $10 per attendee. HCAF is willing to discuss setting a cap, depending on the registration rate for attendees and the number of expected attendees. If a representative from your organization is able to attend, you are welcome to set up a table, hand out your materials, and network with participants before the program, during registration, and during breaks (full-day programs typically have one morning break, lunch break, and an afternoon break, and after the program, if you wish).

At the beginning of the class, your organization's representative would be welcomed to introduce the speaker(s), if desired. Also, towards the end of the lunch period (usually 10-15 minutes), your representative will have the opportunity to present a product demonstration or present an introduction to the attendees. If lunch is served in the classroom, your representative will have access to the laptop being used for the class. If lunch is served in a different room, HCAF can make arrangements for lunch to be cut 10-15 minutes short and ask participants to return to the classroom or your organization can pay any additional audio/visual fees to arrange for a 10-15 minute presentation within the room where lunch is being served. If your representative would like to present during the entire lunch period, HCAF would expect that you would cover the entire meal bill as our lunch sponsor.

For more information, contact Monica Smith, Deputy Director, at or (850) 566-6999.

Our typical webinar sponsorship is $10 per registration with a maximum fee of $500. It is structured this way so that sponsors do not risk paying a lot if there are not many attendees, nor risk risk paying an uncertain high amount if the program is extremely well attended.

In return for this sponsorship, HCAF will:
  • Include your organization's logo on email promotions that HCAF sends regarding the program;
  • Feature your organization's logo on the online event webpage;
  • Add your organization's logo to the presentation;
  • Recognize your organziation with a verbal promotional blurb (a sentence or two that you provide, subject to approval) with gratitude for your support at the start of the program and then thank you again at the end of the program;
  • Include a promotional file (if provided) for attendees to download with the other presentation materials or provide a URL for them to access; and,
  • Provide an attendee list of names and mailing address (unfortunately not email address, unless they agree to share individually) after the program.
If you are interested, please forward your logo and which webinar you are interested in sponsoring to Monica Smith, Deputy Director, at or call (850) 566-6999.

There are three sponsorship levels for HCAF's District Connections. Connections take place in all 11 health districts of the state twice per year (spring and fall).

Virtual Sponsorship ($100 per event)

  • HCAF will include corporate logo on the event flyer that will be available on our website and distributed via email and fax to providers located in the district.
  • HCAF will post the logo and link to the sponsor websites from our event website.
  • HCAF staff will acknowledge each of the sponsors onsite at the Connection. The sponsor's marketing materials can be distributed to all attendees.
  • HCAF will share the contact info of all attendees (names, addresses, phone and fax numbers) after the event is reconciled with all sponsors.

In-Person Sponsorship ($250 per event)

All of the benefits listed above for Virtual Sponsors will be provided, plus:

  • Sponsors will have opportunity to interact with attendees during registration. HCAF will include a 20-minute break in the middle of the event that can serve as a mini-trade show for all of the in-person sponsors.
  • Sponsor can setup tabletop displays with signage, drawing prizes, and other materials to engage attendees.
  • HCAF will make arrangements to spread catered food and beverage amongst, next to, or actually on the sponsor tables. (Think bait!)
  • HCAF staff will highly encourage attendees to interact and visit the tabletop displays before, during, and after the event.

Series Sponsorship (Varies)

For series sponsors (can be a combination of virtual and in-person sponsorships), the following benefits are included:

  • As time allows, only series sponsors will be given the opportunity to address the audience either before the event or when the mid-event networking break begins. We encourage such sponsors to give their name, company, and the one thing attendees will receive or learn if they visit your table during the networking break.
  • Series sponsors (virtual, in-person, or combination) will be added to the list of sponsors of the statewide Virtual Connection webinar presentation of the Connection for free.
  • Series sponsors (virtual, in-person, or combination) will be offered the opportunity to introduce one breakout session speaker at the next HomeCareCon Annual Conference & Trade Show.
In-Person Sponsorships Virtual Sponsorships Series Sponsor Fee
0 11 $770
1 10 $875
2 9 $980
3 8 $1,085
4 7 $1,105
5 6 $1,202
6 5 $1,260
7 4 $1,355
8 3 $1,380
9 2 $1,470
10 1 $1,560
 11  0  $1,650

For more information, contact Monica Smith, Deputy Director, at or (850) 566-6999.

HCAF's annual advocacy days in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. take place over two days and give home health professionals the opportunity to meet with federal and state policy makers in order to enhance awareness of home care issues and advance industry priorities. Both events include a kickoff reception and policy briefing, followed by a full day of legislative meetings.

Sponsors help support associated event costs, including developing and printing advocacy materials, travel, lodging, and meals. For their support and generosity, sponsors are exclusively recognized with the sponsoring organization logo featured in all advocacy-related email communications, as well on the event registration webpage and advocacy handouts.

Pricing varies for advocacy events. For more information, contact Kyle Simon, Director of Government Affairs and Communications, at

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